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Think | Make | Inspire

I conduct research on the dynamics of innovation, in particular on the effects of very specific moments in the life of companies: transitions.

Rachel James Johnes
Jennifer Aaker

General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford GSB

Christophe is remarkable in many ways - innovative, creative, intuitive and smart are a few of the traits that come to mind. He will create impressive things in this world.

Rachel James Johnes
Joel Sercel

Founder and Principal Engineer at TransAstra

Christopher provided excellent contributions to the work we did in the lab at Caltech JPL. His summer project was excellent, he demonstrated passion for the job, skill and knowledge. It is a pleasure to recommend him.

Rachel James Johnes
Alexis Fekete

Executive Director at Seabury Group

At Natixis Aircraft Finance, Christophe demonstrated remarkable analytical skills combined with an outstanding creativity. Developing a new risk analysis system within the department, he demonstrated effectiveness and commitment, but he also contributed to the team spirit with the weekly issuance of his hilarant home made magazine. I am sure that Christophe would be an exceptional element of any company he would join.