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AAN Forum at InnoVEX Taipei: Startups, success, lean and global operations

The fourth annual Asia Pacific Accelerator Network Forum (AAN) was held on May 31 at the InnoVEX exhibition in Taipei. Created in 2013, the AAN Forum invites global industry leaders to share their insights on Taiwan’s economy. This time, I was one of the 15 speakers coming from eight countries together at the forum. We spoke about global opportunities for startups, path to success, lean strategy and operations.

This year, at InnoVEX, a startup-focused show organized in parallel of the Computex exhibition, over 250 international startups from more than 20 nations presented their products. Taiwan, renown for its hardware focus, wants to both surf the startup wave and embrass the new Internet of Things (IoT) trend. IoT is clearly a way to bring back value to a sector that converges towards commoditization. In his speech, ARM's general manager, Peter Hsieh, argued that since Big Data and artificial intelligence are at the heart of the internet of things and cloud services, a focus on combining both would certainly benefit Taiwanese startups immensely.

In this context, young people in general, and students from the best Taiwanese universities in particular, are the fuel of this new innovation strategy. The AAN pitch contest and the InnoVEX forum showed how there is great potential in Taiwan to succeed, helped both by a dynamic ecosystem inside the country and a dense network outside. This is where innovation initiatives mixing young people, C-executives, schools, companies, governments, and entrepreneurs can help a lot speeding up the process.

I presented my views on paths toward success for startups in terms of global strategy but mainly of execution with the applications of the Lean Startup framework and the dynamics of innovation. Seeing startups as an EOQ process alternating between raising money and burning it, it is important, in order to survive, to clearly know when to pivot and when to persevere. Such experience comes with great people, great teams and bias towards interactions.

This is where Schoolab, as as an “innovation studio” can provide everyone, from students to entrepreneurs, with a platform to collide, exchange ideas, and collaborate. Among other things, I declared that at Schoolab, we bring together students, startups and corporations. This is what makes us unique. Rather than having a separate executive branch and a student branch, we mix people all the time,. After three days immerged in the Taiwanese startup ecosystem, and thanks to the efforts of the French Office in Taipei and AAN, Schoolab is inspired to invest in the great startup ecosystem in Taiwan. Now Schoolab is seeking to raise funds that will allow it to expand its presence and visibility in Asia and is considering to start operation in Taiwan.

Find more information at https://meet.bnext.com.tw/intl/articles/view/40801.


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